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ROBOMOW RS635 Pro SX Robotic Lawnmower with RoboHome + install kit

ROBOMOW RS635 Pro SX Robotic Lawnmower with RoboHome + install kit

Ref: RS635


The world's First Robotic Lawn Mower with Fully Floating Deck. RS 635 with Base Station. Maximum recommended lawn size:3600m.The RS 635 provides a fully automatic mower for big domestic lawns. It will independently leave the Base Station, cut the lawn and return to the Base Station at the end of each operation. It will then recharge and proceed mowing as needed. Please see product video (below).

What is Robomow?
Robomow is a robotic lawnmower designed to mow and maintain any lawn completely by itself. Robomow is suitable for lawns of up to 3500m and can handle any garden that a traditional gas or
electric walk mower or lawn tractor can handle. Robomow will independently depart at the preset days and times mow the lawn, mow the edges when needed, return to the Base Station to recharge and get ready for the next scheduled operation. Customers who are using Robomow report that their lawns have never been so healthy and good looking.

STRONGER - Strongest robotic mower in the market:
* Best quality of cut - Robomows extra sharp blade is the only true Grassyccling blade on any robotic mower in the market. The patented blade is treated for special strength and sharpness. Combined with the Grasscycling deck, Robomow is the only robotic mower that boasts real Grasscycling comparable with the best manual Grasscycling mowers.
* First cut of the season - Robomow is the only robotic mower strong enough to perform the first cut of the season, when the grass is relatively high.
* Robust - In addition to the robust cutting system, Robomows well-designed chassis makes it stronger and more durable than other competing robotic mowers.

FASTER - Shortest time on lawn:
* The RS 635 has a 56cm mowing width.
* Thanks to the powerful cutting system and batteries Robomow finishes the job much faster than the competing robot mowers.
* Robomow models will occupy the lawn less than competing robotic mowers of their class.

Also Mows Lawn EDGE
* Robomow is the only robotic mower to cut outside the wheels.
* It is also the only robotic mower that has a special Edge mode, in which it follows the perimeter wire for complete coverage of the lawn edges.

Prevents faults and minimizes downtime by collecting technical data from your Robomow. Gives you operational and security alerts directly to your smartphone!

Special Features:
* Modules are easily replaced by the user:
- Snap-in Blade by the user (with supplied tool)
- Snap-in Mow Motors
- Snap-in Drive Motors Gear
- Snap-in Wheels
* Rain Sensor
* Bump Sensor
* Lift and Tilt Sensors
* Illuminated graphic LCD display panel and audio
* PIN Code and Alarm System

Main features:
* Mowing along edge for clean borders
* Wide cutting to minimize time on the lawn
* 2 Strong blades/motors system suited for higher grass
* Floating Deck to follow contours of lawn
* Floating Blade Protection Skirt
* Very low noise level
* Theft Alarm (4 PIN code) and Child Lock protection.
* Anti clogging mowing deck
* Fast and simple adjustment of Mowing Schedule (Intensity, Interval and Inactive Time)
* Modular design - quick and intuitive parts replacement by the user.

* Max Lawn Size 36000 m²
* Including Base Station
* Dimensions - 73.5cm l x 66cm w x 31.5cm h
* Weight - 19kg (incl. the batteries)
* Noise Level - High Power - 72 db Measured (74 db Guaranteed)
* Noise Level - ECO Mode - 66 db Measured (68 db Guaranteed)
* Cutting width 56cm (2 blades of 28 cm)
* BLDC (Brushless) Mowing Motors 2 x150W
* Cutting height 20-80mm
* 3300/4000rpm (ECO/High Power Mode)
* 26V Lithium Iron-Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) 6Ah -2000 Cycles
* Running Time 1:30hrs (multiple cycles per day)
* Charging Time 2 hrs
* Maximum Incline inside lawn 35% / on Perimeter Wire 15%
* 2 Year Warranty

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