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Sherpa Optional Hose Kit - Vacuum & Blow

Sherpa Optional Hose Kit - Vacuum & Blow


Sherpa Tools Optional Hose Kit for STWV58L Wheeled Vacuum.

With both front and rear hose ports on the STWB58L, this hose kit can be connected to work as a vacuum or blower hose.

Optional Hose Kit Info:
* Hose Length: 2500 mm
* Handle Length: Telescopic 730 - 990 mm
* Hose Diameter: 90 mm
* Hose Vacuum Air Speed: 40 m/s (144kph)
* Hose Blowing Air Speed: 46 m/s (165kph)
* Vaccum & Blower Mode For Hose Kit (with front and rear quick attachment points)

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