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Sherpa Petrol Chainsaw 18in

Sherpa Petrol Chainsaw 18in

Ref: TT-CS4500-18

From Sherpa Tools this is a great value petrol chainsaw kit, featuring the superb CS4500 Petrol Chainsaw with an 18 inch cutting bar. This kit features everything you need to get going - just add oil and fuel and you are away. Featuring a powerful 45cc 2-stroke power-plant, this saw is tough and durable and will cut through all types of wood.

The saw is easy to start and use, and to keep you going it even comes with a spare chain in the box. For storage, included is a strong chainsaw carry bag. A good kit from Sherpa, with lots of extra's at a nice price. Mower Magic recommend using Aspen pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel for optimum performance, easy starting and super simplicity.

Model: TT-CS4500-18 Sherpa Petrol Chainsaw 45cc / 18in supplied with:
* Mixing Bottle
* Additional spare chain
* Tool Kit: Contains plug spanner, screwdriver, allen key, round file
* Chainsaw Bag with carry strap
* Scabbard
* Instruction Booklet

Specifiction Sherpa Petrol Chainsaw 45cc / 18in:
* 45cc engine
* 18 inch cutting bar
* Max engine rpm 10800
* Idling speed 3000rpm
* Engine power 1.8kw
* Chain pitch:0.325"
* Chain gauge: 0.058"
* Carburetor: Diaphragm
* Starter: Recoil
* Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
* Oil tank capacity: 260ml
* Working weight 6.3kg
* 1 Year Warranty

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