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Sherpa Tools Premium Petrol Leaf Blower Vac (Easy Start) 25.4cc + Free Spare Bag

Sherpa Tools Premium Petrol Leaf Blower Vac (Easy Start) 25.4cc + Free Spare Bag

Ref: STBV3405

Sherpa Tools Petrol Leaf Blower Vac is an excellent machine. Make light work of clearing leaves and debris from your garden with this petrol blower vac. Super easy to start, this vacuum requires minimal effort to get going.

With the blower nozzle attached, this powerful machine blows air at up to 140mph. The variable speed trigger allows you to only use the power you need for the job in hand. The specially shaped nozzle end stops the gyroscopic effect of the blower so it doesn't twist in your hand when using it as a blower (a common fault with other low price models). With this development it is more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

To use the machine in vacuum mode take just moments - simply swap the tubes over and you can effortlessly collect the leaves. Collect into the supplied bag, that includes a carry strap for easy use.

When collecting, the 3 edged mulching blade dices debris as it is sucked up. Leaves take up to 10 times less space in the bag; so you can collect for longer without stopping to empty the bag. You can also use these shredding to mulch or add them to your compost bin.

Built in cruise control with the variable throttle lock lever. You can keep the power set at any level without needing to keep your finger on the throttle trigger.

The Sherpa Tools Titantec Petrol Leaf Blower Vac comes complete with a Free Spare Bag - that means you get a total of two collection bags in the box. Use one, keep one for spare.

Special Features Sherpa Tools Titantec Petrol Leaf Blower Vac 25.4cc
* Tri Edged Mulching Blade
* Blower & Vacuum Functions
* Easy Starting
* Recoil Start
* 2-Stroke Petrol Engine
* Auto-Return Choke
* Cruise Control - Throttle Lock Lever

* Blow Mode: Yes
* Vacuum Mode: Yes
* Bag Included: Yes

Specification Sherpa Tools Titantec Petrol Leaf Blower Vac 25.4cc:
* Engine displacement: 25.4 cm3
* Power: 0.75KW / 1HP
* Max Air Speed At Nozzle: 225kph / 140mph
* Airflow volume: 0.17m3/s
* Idle Speed +/-- 400: 3000rpm
* Catalytic converter muffler: Yes
* Spark plug: Bosch
* Fuel tank capacity: 400cm3
* Weight without fuel and tubes 4.7kg
* 2 Year Warranty

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